In the world today...Obesity, Heart Disease, and Diabetes run rampant through our society. All the while we are bombarded with advertisements for fast food, claims of healthier version of already unhealthy eating choices and a constant, confusing stream of information tell us what is right and wrong, good or bad for us to consume. A mess of fad diets, chronic disease, advertising gimics and contradictory information has become a way of life. But a world away, a lifetime of good health has already been discovered...

In remote corners of the world, across the globe, and for thousands of years, a handful of cultures have mastered the art of living well. In these few extraordinary places, diseases are rare, sickness is infrequent, and life expectancies of 90 and 100 years are common. These are longevity hot spots where life is simpler, happier, and above all, healthier. How do these people live such vibrant, healthy and long lives? What if we could achieve their high levels of wellbeing right now? We can!

By sharing the secrets of Longevity Hot Spots. Akea’s vision is to grow a dynamic community where people can hold the keys to health and longevity in their hands…..a community of vitality and empowerment…..a community of wellness. A community created for any individuals wanting to improve their lives where they can share their mutual quest to live longer and better. Where they can join in exploring the secrets to a long, full life, and pursue a purpose and passion for better living. Akea is all about engaging folks in life, every aspect of it, from our environment, our social connections, what we eat, and how we spend our time and being motivated by a set of core values. It is much more than a product or service. It is an experience of a lifetime, for a lifetime.
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